Exhibit at the 2007
International Anti-Aging Show

The International Anti-Aging Show in MARCH 2007 was our best yet! We captured many of our exhibitors and sponsors comments on tape. Just listen first hand to what they had to say about the show and we are sure you will agree that exhibiting your product or service to thousands of serious, motivated buyers is in your best interest!

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Why Exhibit?

Exhibitions provide the most effective face-to-face communication tool of the marketing mix. They bring together suppliers, buyers, purchase influencers, consultants and the media and provide the platform to launch new products, generate media coverage, build brand awareness, generate leads and retain existing customers.And remember, visitors have taken the time and effort to attend the exhibition and therefore they are all serious prospects!

Before making that commitment to exhibit, you need to have set specific objectives to achieve by exhibiting. Consider the following:
• Generate sales leads by meeting masses of people - the value of a personal greeting in an increasingly electronic age is immense.
• Achieve direct sales
• Build a contact database

Product Awareness
• Display your full product range in real life, rather than in a catalogue
• Let buyers use all five senses to fully appreciate your product.
• Sense immediate feedback on your product range.
• Establish new agents and distributors for your products.

Market Research
• Market test a new product
• Research your marketing campaign
• Test market awareness and perceptions
Customer Relationships
• Build relationships with current customers
• Educate customers
• Upsell and cross sell customers
• Collect customer testimonials
• Re-sell lapsed customers

Media Relations/PR
• Generate media coverage
• Build relationships with key editors and journalists

Brand Building
• Create or raise market awareness
• Position or re-position your brand
• Educate be demonstrating benefits
• Boost financial analyst/investor perceptions
• Develop new markets

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