Sponsor the 2007
International Anti-Aging Show

The International Anti-Aging Show in MARCH 2007 was our best yet! We captured many of our exhibitors and sponsors comments on tape. Just listen first hand to what they had to say about the show and we are sure you will agree that exhibiting your product or service to thousands of serious, motivated buyers is in your best interest!

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The IAAS show is lauded the top in the industry. It features over 125 exhibitors and the most plastic surgeons, dermatologists and cosmeticians participating than any other
show in Canada.

It’s the 21st century... everyone is thinking about & talking about image, anti-aging & longevity. From cosmetic enhancements, plastic surgery, wellness, to fashion, staying young & living longer is on everyone's mind. By giving people the power to transform their lives...we will continue to deliver the message to the public by providing knowledge, cutting edge anti-aging products, medical technology & services backed by the best in the business.

Corporate Sponsorship with The International Anti-Aging Show offers a variety of opportunities to companies who wish to increase their presence and market share. Sponsorship is about building partnerships. In today’s booming economy the disposable income earner makes an educated decision to stay younger longer, enjoys life to the fullest & invests in cutting edge plastic surgery & non-evasive anti-aging techniques. They buy the markets hottest products & spend money freely after being educated within the industry. The IAAS is a consumer show that markets the hottest plastic surgeons, the best spa’s, the latest anti-aging products, and services to the powerful and savvy women’s market and now embarking on the untapped men’s market. C.E.O.’s at the top of their game want an edge on the young MBA’s coming up the ladder. Today’s boardroom topics are not just stocks & bonds. A nip and tuck or the hottest injectable filler on the market can give a 50 or 60 year old man the edge.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), there were nearly 11.5 million surgical and non-surgical procedures performed in the United States with non-surgical procedures making up 81% of the total. In Canada the industry has grown to over 41 million with 42% of cosmetic procedures performed in the Metro Toronto area alone. It’s time to capitalize on that market and if you want exposure to a targeted audience, the International Anti-Aging Show should be your first priority.

All sponsorship marketing opportunities are custom designed to provide you with marketing solutions that fit your specific mandates, and to maximize your exposure to key markets. Whether show attendee’s interact with your product, take away samples or meet with you one-on-one, your sponsorship opportunity will be customized to your specific objectives. Added-value sponsorships will provide companies with a desirable market position, sending a clear message that our sponsor partners care about their consumers who are responsible for billions of dollars in spending each year.

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Listen live to what exhibitors and sponsors had to say about the International
Anti-Aging Show by clicking below!